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Trader Training Course (TTC)


The Trader Training Course (TTC) prepares you to join the fast-paced, exciting world of electronic equity trading. Exclusive to CSI, this course qualifies you to trade on Canadian stock exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATS). This course will enable you to meet IIROC proficiency requirements to legally trade on behalf of a dealer member in Canada.

What skills will you develop?

The TTC provides the skills required to register as an equities trader. Learn about markets, trading rules and how to execute orders on behalf of clients. You’ll gain the techniques required to trade confidently and successfully in lightning-fast markets.

Who should enrol?

Enrol in the TTC if you are:

  • An IIROC dealer member employee who needs to meet proficiency requirements to trade on behalf of a dealer member in Canada
  • An individual in compliance who supervises IIROC registered traders
  • An individual in a back office (processing/reconciling trades) role who wants a better understanding of exchange rules and practices
  • An advisor or a specialist (analysts, corporate finance specialists, etc.) who is interested in learning about the rules and practices of how an exchange operates
  • Working towards the Certificate in Equity Trading and Sales

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